A place
of passions with
a fusion of
history and style.

The Box is a multi-purpose, flexible venue which combines four passions – art, fine dining, vintage cars and a love of detail.

Shapes, materials, furnishing and detail define the harmonious architecture of a restaurant, exhibition areas, glasshouses and gardens ready to welcome new guests, cultural and business events every day.


Fish restaurant with vegetable garden.

Olio represents a love story between the palate and the heart. This unique setting expresses the dialogue between The Box’s various settings, with the name Olio celebrating the ultimate element of continuity.

Large, elegant premises accommodate the restaurant and cocktail bar, with a focus on privacy and tranquillity. The seasonal nature of the vegetables, glasshouses and gardens characterise the raw materials, selected to accompany a range of international fish dishes.


Collect, restore, share timeless icons.

The Box is home to a permanent collection of approximately 100 vintage cars exhibited with regularly revamped displays.

Well-equipped facilities and specialists are available for enthusiasts from all over the world. The aim is to provide a centre of excellence to keep private vehicles well-maintained and to continually optimise the collection, thanks to two distinct settings dedicated to vintage cars.


A widespread, cross-sectional presence.

The idea behind permanently exhibiting contemporary works of art is to accompany every guest visiting the rooms and gardens.

As a result of detailed research and close collaboration with galleries in Milan, Venice and Capri, the paintings and sculptures selected embellish the premises, thanks to a layout designed to engage with architecture and nature.

venue and

Architecture as an element of continuity.

The multi-faceted architecture has been designed to bring continuity to the different settings.
Three elements were chosen to represent The Box’s identity – care over the finish, the choice of select materials, and the use of asymmetry.

The asymmetry embodies the consistent development of the architectural design with the use of new materials, chosen with the aim of restoring a common identity to the rooms in the main building, the glasshouses, gardens, private function suites and country house.