Olio is a restaurant that has epitomised the heart of The Box since the start. Olio is the term common to all of the passions mentioned, expressed with a focus on fine food and wine that intensifies a love for detail.

Oil is the common thread in all experiences at The Box. Extra-virgin olive oil made from the Casaliva olives of Garda is used across-the-board in the restaurant’s dishes. Engine oil is used in original vehicles. Oil is used in the paintings that adorn the premises open to guests.

Daily effort oils the wheels to ensure that guests find The Box experience amazing.

This passion is expressed through...

Style and

Fish restaurant with vegetable garden.

Olio is basically the leitmotif of an experience nurtured with taste.

Andrea Marinelli is a top chef skilled at combining the vegetables produced on site with carefully-selected fish from suppliers all over the world.
Seasonality and research typify the menu thanks to produce grown on site and the catch of the day, enabling the creation of delicious food in a stunning visible, open-plan kitchen overlooking the main room.

Olio also offers a range of gluten-free options, and is a member of the Italian gluten-free organisation Alimentazione Fuori Casa (AIC). Each guest’s experience is complete with wine from the cellar containing over 400 labels.

Olio is a combination of quality, beauty and taste.
Olio is a combination of quality, beauty and taste.

Traditional flavours
and innovative interpretations

Cocktail bar.

Signature cocktails and a select range of spirits in a setting designed for before and after-dinner drinks.

As well as the Olio restaurant, The Box has a cocktail bar for those who enjoy a drink in a setting created with the same care and dedication to quality. With a list of around twenty signature cocktails, which is updated every six months, customers can experience an extensive collection of traditional spirits in innovative mixes.

Whether it’s before or after-dinner drinks, bartender skills take centre stage in the elegant, welcoming bar, through new cocktails inspired by select ingredients and the most famous cars in the history of motoring.


Olio a spasso

 All the taste and quality of the Olio restaurant to be booked and take with you wherever you go.

The quality raw materials, recipes, techniques and dedication that underpins the heart of Olio can cross The Box’s threshold on request. With the Olio a Spasso service, customers can order special takeaway lunches, providing an opportunity to taste the kitchen team’s expertise in tasty dishes for picnics and events in various locations.

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