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As a venue of passions, The Box evolves through multi-purpose areas, creating the ideal backdrop to numerous events.

The desire to ensure settings have their own identity results in an ongoing dialogue between indoor and outdoor areas, providing the most practical and efficient infrastructure. Attention to detail means the venue is adorned with naturally harmonious materials, such as stone, wood and all types of steel.

Sustainability is expressed through raw materials and environmentally-friendly practices, and the installation of solar panels to produce electricity. A customer-focused approach has also led to the use of an advanced UV air purification system which combats viruses and bacteria.

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This passion is expressed through...


Many roads lead to The Box

The ideal ensemble of emotions that steer the search for satisfying and relaxing experiences.

From the range of tastes offered by Olio through to the numerous events that can be hosted in the glasshouses, gardens and country house, The Box’s facilities follow two precise parallel lines – to routinely meet the needs of guests with a passion for life and to facilitate special events devised in liaison with exceptional partners.

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& medieval vegetable gardens



Entering The Box is always a new experience. Create yours.
Entering The Box is always a new experience. Create yours.